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Garbage Collector

Posted by vijayram on January 31, 2007

Adding to the post on Stacks and Heaps, I had to link to this blog about the internal workings of Garbage Collector in ActionScript 3.0.

Grant Skinner on Resource Management . If that’s not enough, he has published his talks on Garbage Collector using visual simulators here.

*Some side notes:
– You cannot delete class members in ActionScript 3, if you want to cause a variable to no longer reference an object or value in memory, you should set your variable’s value to null instead of deleting it. [ myVar = null; ]
If all variable references to an object are null, the Garbage Collector will mark it for deletion and it will eventually be cleared from memory.
There is a post hereby Gordon Smith explaning the same.
– Ted Patrick has an interesting post on “flash.system.System.totalMemory” saying it just represents the memory allocated to the FlashPlayer. So it might not be the best util to check for memory leaks when you remove objects by setting it to null. You can learn about System.totalMemory here.
– FlashLite has this profiling for sometime now showing the heap memory usage. Pretty cool using the emulator tool. Any questions on that can be directed to IndiMad which is managed by Mariam.

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