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Pure ActionScript 3.0 AudioPlayer

Posted by vijayram on January 26, 2007


Quite a while back I started playing with Flashdevelop which was introduced to me by one of my work mates. I couldn’t let time go by until Flash9 IDE is eventually released. There are a lot of info out in the www space on how to get it working for Flex 2 and AS 3.0 projects. I am amazed by its simplicity. Kudos to the team behind it.

Back to the post. Since not many projects and resource are out there for AS 3.0 projects, it took me sometime to figure out on how things work. What I was after was pure ActionScript 3.0 code and hence I made this rough AudioPlayer using the power of AS 3.0. One source of inspiration were the experiments done by “andré michelle“.

If anybody does need the source or need to know how things work, drop a note. This might not be the best implementation but certainly gives a head start. I can think of ways to make things look better….


One Response to “Pure ActionScript 3.0 AudioPlayer”

  1. michi said

    Hi vijayram ,

    I’m interested in your code 🙂

    I will use it without comerical background (see homepage – we make a IP-Tv show organized as a Verein)

    greetz from Aachen/Germany


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